Who Invented Emoji and When Was It Discovered?

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Who Invented Emoji and When Was It Discovered?

When were emojis first created?

You may have often heard the expression a picture is as many as 1000 words, writes lajmi.net.

This expression means that what you see can express an emotion much better than words. We can say that this was the idea behind the creation of the emoji, writes shqip.info.

Now it can be hard for you to think of writing a text to someone without using any emoji because it has become a very effective method of expression for us.

In 1998 a Japanese man named Shigetaka Kurita invented the emoji. In the first creation, emoji had only 176 expressions, and included emoji for weather, food, drinks, feelings and moods writes shqip.info.

Kurita was inspired by Japanese comic books called manga, and also by the writing system used in Japan called kanji.

The word emoji means pictures and words (e-pictures, moji-words). Emoji was a very big hit in Japan and very quickly started to be used globally.

The popularity of emojis peaked in 2010, when they became part of Apple technology.

Over time, social platforms also began to adapt their own versions of emoji./abetare.net