What to do when you are not motivated to do anything

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What to do when you are not motivated to do anything

How often have you had problems with motivation? When you had a hard time getting up early in the morning to train, when you felt too tired to deal with your second job after you finished the first.

Worst of all, the feeling of doing nothing sabotages all your goals in life. And in many cases these feelings stay there with you, until you regain the motivation to take action against them. But many times, that comes after weeks, months, or even years

At times, even the most capable of us may lack motivation. But in the end it is an emotion. And like all emotions, it is volatile. So can we get rid of the feeling "I do not want to do anything"? Yes, but it is not enough to just look at inspirational images or read motivational quotes online.

If you want a motivation that works right away and that lasts over time, you need something that is different from what you normally do or see. Below are 5 great motivation methods you can try.

1. Add a little "mystery" to your motivation
A powerful form of motivation has to do with spontaneity. So try to list at least 5 different rewards that you can use when you rest or do your homework. For example, watch a video on Youtube, eat a piece of chocolate, watch a show on Netflix, walk around the neighborhood, and so on.

As you can see, each reward is different. Some are smaller and more immediate pleasures. Others are bigger and more personal to you. Now most of the time when you rest you do the same old thing as every time.

2. Make your motivation "scary"
In the other spectrum of motivation, there is the "negative" side of things. With this approach you focus on motivating yourself to avoid something, rather than on reward. So you need to find appropriate ways to "punish" yourself for not being productive about whatever is important to you.

Here are some simple examples from which you can get ideas: If you do not get up early to exercise, your spouse will spray you with a bottle of water until you get up. If you do not go to the gym after work, you should eat something you do not like.

If you do not write a page in the novel that you started during lunch, you should close for 24 hours all the most attractive applications on your phone. Ultimately, the punishment must be strong enough for you to feel it.

3. Use peer pressure
This advice works well if you have family and friends who are willing to help you achieve your goals. So you need to encourage your relatives to use "peer pressure" to work towards achieving the goals you wanted.

So let’s take as an example the fact that you have decided to write a novel after work. But if the first thing you do when you get home from work is throw your jacket on the floor, dive into the couch and start surfing the internet to kill time, then this is the moment for your family to hit you. ”.

"Hey honey, wouldn't it be amazing if today you wrote a page from the novel you started? "I know I would be happy." "Dad, I was reading a book before, and I was thinking how good it would be to finish yours." And basically, they would go on like this, until you start writing or realizing your goals.

4. Give up your modest standards
A major motivation problem is the feeling that your goals are too big and challenging ahead. But if you feel overwhelmed by any task or project you have, it is certain that you will not lack motivation.

Under these conditions, a simple way is to use the 10 percent method. If you ever feel the slightest resistance to a certain task, just say you will only do 10 percent of it and then you can stop.

So if you plan to do 20 exercises, do only 2. If you plan to write a page of your novel, just write a paragraph (or even a sentence) instead. And the best part of this method is: Once you have reduced your mental resistance to the task in question (and thus increased your motivation to do it), you will most likely do more than just 10 percent.

5. Use your money
Nothing hurts more than losing money. And one simple way to use this idea, is to link your hard earned money to meeting your goals. A simple way, is to involve a friend or family member. Tell one of them: This is a 2000 lek banknote. If you see that I do not go to the gym after work, or if I do not write a page in my novel, or if I do not get up early tomorrow morning, then I can keep this amount to myself. /abetare.net