This is why chamomile is considered a sacred plant

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This is why chamomile is considered a sacred plant

Chamomile is a very popular medicinal plant used since ancient times, even for a long period of time, it is considered a sacred plant.

Ingredients: Essential oil, flavonoids, valerian acid, coumarin, tannin.

Action: Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, sedative, prevents vomiting.
Usage: Flower tea is used to soothe abdominal pain, in cases of irritable bowel syndrome, opens the appetite and improves digestion. Get a glass at dinner for insomnia, anxiety and stress. Add 200-400 ml of concentrated tea to the water where you will bathe the baby at dinner, to promote a good night's sleep.

Tincture: Used for irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia and tension.

Ointment: Used for insect bites, wounds, eczema and irritations of the vagina and skin around the anus. Tea can be used to rinse the mouth in cases of gum irritation 5 -10 drops of tincture dissolved in warm water are used for rinse the eyes and use in cases of eye infection and irritation.

Inhalation: In a container where 2 glasses of boiled water are added, we throw two spoons of chamomile flowers and inhale the vapors. This serves to soothe asthma, bronchitis or conditions with fever and blocked nose.

Essential oil: used to stain eczema, to soothe coughs, asthma and to clear secretions with vapors inhaled by dissolving 2-3 drops in a container of hot water.