The invention of the pen is as simple as it is clever

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The invention of the pen is as simple as it is clever

It all started in Budapest in 1943 from the mind of a journalist named László Bíró, in search of a faster and more immediate method of writing than the pencil.

As Bíró was about to walk through the city streets he was hit by a group of children playing with marble in the middle of a street. He particularly noticed that the small spheres left a long, perfectly straight trail after passing over a pond.

So it happened that László decided to put a small spinning ball in contact with the little paint that dipped it.

It was necessary for the paint to have the right viscosity and at the same time to dry quickly, and for this he turned to his chemical brother.

The pen was very successful and began to spread to different parts of the world, but due to the considerable selling price few could afford it.

So Bíró was forced to sell the patent to an Italian-French entrepreneur, Marcel Bich, who sold it under the name BIC.