The good character of the child is built through dialogue and examples

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The good character of the child is built through dialogue and examples

A good education is achieved by balancing numerous factors. Without dialogue there is no character formation. But just talking does not lead you anywhere. How do you help make your child a good person?

When we think of our grown children, we imagine that everything will go as planned: They will be engaged adults, with good character and honesty. But we forgot to do an analysis of our behavior along this journey, so how do we imagine raising these children?

Much of the responsibility for educating a nation's future comes from parents, and we need to see these issues as extremely serious, worthy of debate in all areas.

A child's character is refined based on everything he hears, consumes and sees. It makes no sense to downplay the importance of this, no matter how much school and other people influence this equation. After all, mother and father are the main agents of child rearing.

If you have an open dialogue with your child, explaining people's responsibilities every day, you can be sure that you are dealing with half of everything that matters.

But it is useless to just talk, there are examples that prove the truth of your word. If your behavior does not match what you are preaching, the words you use with your child will be empty.

Have you noticed that in the first years of a child's life, most of the things he does are imitating? He has never been in the world, does not know the rules of socialization, nor does he know how to behave with other people.

It’s like a blank canvas, ready to be drawn, and there you can choose to create a masterpiece, or just stick with scribbles.

Seeing a child as an individual is not an easy task, nor is raising a responsible and honest adult. But know that your role is very important in their lives, you are the main reference that the child will have throughout life.

So do not just look at your baby, accompany him. Listen carefully to the problems he speaks, talk to him, learn ways with examples, get into the routine of the house, show, with your examples, how to overcome an obstacle.

So you create healthy adults, kind-hearted people, caring for others, loving everyone who lives here. It's hard, but in the future you can be proud of all the work you have done when everyone has met an amazing adult you have created! /