Tasqebapi of the House

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Tasqebapi of the House

A typical recipe, old and inherited from generation to generation in all regions, tasqebapi continues to remain as once one of the most delicious and wonderful dishes of the Albanian table.

Tasqebapi of the house can definitely not be an exception in the traditional menu of dishes from the hands of Albanian mothers and grandmothers.

A special dish, completely easy to prepare, Tasqebapi is one of the typical dishes for a delicious lunch meal.

It is a dish that is not missing in any menu of traditional Albanian restaurants, and that, of course, Albanians, this dish has fascinated foreign tourists by satisfying their cravings with its full taste.

Tasqebapi is fantastically accompanied by a variety of other typical Albanian dishes, starting from pilaf, fresh salads of any season or even toasted bread marinated with olive oil and a little salt.

But for an even more wonderful taste, he certainly enjoys the famous delicacies of our cuisine, especially the pickles prepared by Albanian housewives.

Optionally, it can be accompanied with vegetable garnish, especially with mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes.

Tasqebapi Quite Easy At Home
(Ingredients of this recipe are for 4-5 people)

500 gr of meat

2-3 grains of onion

4-5 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon flour

half a cup of tea with wine

1 bay leaf

half a tablespoon of sauce or 2-3 medium tomatoes

3-4 garlic cloves

salt and a little red pepper

Tasqebapi is usually prepared with beef or mutton.

Pulp meat is cut into thin strips in the opposite direction of the strands or into square pieces.

Fry in fat together with the chopped onions until the water evaporates and a red layer is formed.

Add flour, fry a little more, quench with wine, add tomato sauce, bay leaves, some garlic essence, salt and water to cover the meat.

Leave to simmer until the dish is ready.

Tasqebapi is accompanied by its own sauce. /abetare.net