Spinach pie

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Spinach pie
The pies can be prepared with a variety of products but in this article will show special pie with spinach an old tradition and unique taste.

The Albanian cooking tradition is rich in the taste of loving aroma, after which many who has tried, has remained fascinated.

Among the mastery of recipes in Albanian cuisine obviously the unique tradition of the pie and the cabbage is the most attractiveness of the taste not only for Albanians but mostly for foreign tourists.

The pies can be prepared with a variety of products, with the right and milk, with the onion of tomatoes, or with money, but one of the most healthy flavor is a spinach pie.

He has not only a unique taste, but also high nutritional value coming from the spinach they are preparing.

primer.net brings down the recipe of pie with spinach.

Prepare completely at home

1 kg of spinach
6-7 Wet onions
500 grats flour
250 ml of water
200 gr chopped cheese
2 egg grains
Olive oil
Baking soda

Prepare the dough

Initially, we prepare dough, throwing in a large flour bowl. After we make a pit among flour we throw salt, soda and mix it manually.

At this moment we start adding lukewarm water until the dough is created to a mild and suitable mass to open in the table.

Getting dough covered with a clean napkin. We leave around half an hour to blow while we start preparing wild cabbage.

Prepare filling with spinach

The well-cleaned spinach with fluent water to drain from the water and we press it, we add it to the thinly cut onions, we press it all together.

Then we throw a little salt. If you prefer, agroweb.org suggests you to add a little fresh, thinly cut mint.

In the end, beat the eggs with a little milk in a bowl with crushed cheese and add spinach while mixing it until the mass becomes homogeneous.

The process of preparing the pie

Agrowe.org suggests you to divide the dough into 10 small toddler.

After opening the bottom Peta, we put it in the Tepsi, which we have painted with a few drops of olive oil, we put another Peta, sprinkle with some drops of olive oil and continue until we have paved the fourth.

Then, we lay half of the spinach filling and we continue to lay down two other PETA by sprinkling with some olive oil.

We throw the rest of the spinach and continue with the laying of four other lumps.

At the end of the foil we turn a few sides.

Then, the pie and bake in the oven at 180 degrees until it gets the right baking.

At the end of the preparation, as the pie is ripe and draw from the oven and boil it with a little village butter.