Seven reasons why you should definitely hug someone today

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Seven reasons why you should definitely hug someone today

But what are the positive effects of embracing on our body? We have released some of them…

Touching, embracing, are essential forms of nonverbal communication for human relationships. Science has shown that hugging is not only one of the most enjoyable "activities", but it is also a real cure to feel better when you suffer from minor worries or when you wake up in a bad mood and it seems to you that the day is you start off, writes “

Hugging releases and absorbs positive energy, including in this vortex of well-being our whole organism, reports

But what are the positive effects of embracing on our body? We have released some of them…


Hugging is a genuine anti-depressant. In fact, embracing and embracing us are two actions that release dopamine within the body, thus favoring the production of endorphins. To take advantage of this tremendous effect, it is important to learn to let yourself be embraced by relaxing all the muscles of the body.


When your heart starts pounding and you feel anxious, "dive" into a hug, as you can calm down. Hugging is a genuine psycho-social support, which protects us from tension, anxiety and stress situations which firmly grip our routine. This is the conclusion of various studies, including a recent American study published in the journal Psychological Science.


Hugging also works perfectly as a booster of the immune system. It protects us from the cold and from diseases, by increasing the body's defenses, as a result of the increase in body temperature, which allows us to absorb the well-being of the person who hugs us, thanks to the action of mirror neurons.


Migraines, headaches, neck pain ohen The number of people suffering from headaches is increasing day by day. Whatever the nature of the pain, occasional seizures, or even temporary pain, the headache can be relieved thanks to the hug. The positive effect depends on the action of neurotransmitters, which are natural medicines that affect the nervous system, thus calming the pain.


The release of endorphins that is released while embracing someone, performs a genuine therapeutic effect in the case of menstrual cramps. The production of endorphins stimulates the work of neurotransmitters, which have the same effect as drugs, acting on pain. In addition, hugging lowers tension and helps relax muscles, reducing muscle contraction and consequently menstrual cramps (and not only).


Embracing someone makes it possible for the cerebral hemispheres to tune in and give life to a proper synchronization. This enticing mechanism, which experts have discovered through electroencephalogram, increases brain power, thus improving concentration, level of attention, and learning ability.


Hugging stimulates the production of oxytocin and serotonin: thereby improving bodily and emotional well-being. Oxytocins and endorphins work best at the level of self-confidence, strengthening and increasing self-confidence. The feeling of love and empathic closeness released from the embrace make it possible for this positive physiological reaction to be strengthened even more./