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Reçel invited

FTOIT jam is an Albanian specialty with whom we all pride.
This fantastic recipe is prepared quite easily. This is good news if we consider that Albania is an ideal place to find very good invites in the market.

The inventions are the fruits of antiquity, botanically interconnected with the pears and apples.

When they ripen, take a protruding golden color. Most of the variety of invites are strong, sour and spooky effect on their mouth.

But when they are fully and mitigated, or when they fall from the tree, they are timely to transform into a delicious recipe, from those to make the fingers.

With the invasions can be made of cakes and pudding, but the inventions can bake or disadvantages and get them the same pleasure.

The inventions grow mainly in Albania's areas with a hot season that allows the full baking of these fruits.

The inventions do not grow in large quantities. Through gardens or vineyards you can find one or two trees invited among a variety of apple or other fruits.

In ancient times, Europeans described the invite to the invite as a special cooking reserved for aristocrats and nobles, who were taken after his taste, but also after the ability to regulate the problems with the intestines or cure pneumonia and lung diseases.

Primer.NET invites you to read below and learn how to make the invite to the home.

For this, you will need the following ingredients.

2 kg of inviting
3-4 cups of sugar
The skin of an orange
Juice of an orange
The skin of a lemon
Juice of a lemon
Quarter Tea with a minced ginger
Quarter teaspoon with cinnamon
Quarter tea with cloves
For the preparation of FTO fluid, the first step is washing, cleaning, and cutting into small pieces.

Do not throw skins or seeds because they contain natural pectin, a good fiber.

Take the pieces of invite to a pot and fill it with water until the inventions are floating in the water.

Leave water boiled and mix it continually. Lower the fire, and leave the juice to cool for 2-3 hours, mixing from time to time.

In another pot, throw 6 cups of juice invited, the fluid and the skin of orange and lime, spices and sugar.

Let them boil together at an average temperature for 20-40 minutes until the fluid reaches the necessary thickness.

When the jam is ready, jump through the jar by leaving little surface space, close the covers and put it in a water container boiling for 10 minutes./