Prey pie and tomato

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Prey pie and tomato

A fantastic combination for taste in one of the most traditional Albanian cuisine recipes.

Learn short of Simple steps to prepare this recipe easy home and marvel with its taste.

Preparation of the pie and tomato

1 pack with ready-made noodles
1 kg of prey (used only white)
1 cup of olive oil
1 average onion
3-4 average tomatoes
350 g of white cheese crushed
1 glass of milk

As early as guides you to clean well and grin thin white part.

Put a great saucepan on fire.

Add half of the olive oil, Kaurdisini's onions, then add the white part to wait. Kaurdiseni until slightly lowered their volume and then add thin tender tomatoes, couring together until the mass is left without juice.

Add salt and pepper.

When you remove it from the fire add the crumbling cheese and mix it well.

Then, paraques the stove furnace at 180 degree temperature.

Lyen a gauze with olive oil through a kitchen brush.

Add to a bowl of the rest of the olive oil and a glass of milk, this measure will be used to paint the noodles you want for the pie.

Lay 5-6 feet first by painting each with little by the mass of olive oil.

Then you enter half of the prepared dish and tomatoes.

You follow 4-5 other noodles by sprinkling each with olive oil and milk.

Then add the remainder of the filling and continue to lay the remaining foil by sprinkling it again with the mass of olive and dairy oil.

Put to bake in the oven and at the moment that the surface will get golden reddish color again with little olive oil and milk and turn off the oven.

Leave it to cool around 20 minutes and then you can serve and enjoy ./