Peppers paved with cottage cheese

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Peppers paved with cottage cheese

Fantastic for escorting warm cooking, multiply the taste and bring the tradition to the table
Specs are one of the most beloved vegetables for Albanian households.

They are not lacking in any cooking, and how to not suffice for pickles, Gogozhare and marinate with olive oil and garlic.

The following recipe suggested by is about peppers filled with curd.

This recipe is very simple and prepared very easily.

Since the peppers used for filling and fermentation are a bit chili, the following recipe is considered suitable for winter and cold weather.

How do you prepare at home

1 kg of yellow peppers with thick skin (of somomba variety)
1 kg of salt with salt


New peppers with plenty of water. Remove tails and top.

Clean the seeds well and remove them completely, because the seeds soften peppers during fermentation. I fill with the curd and put it in deep jars one by one.

The filling of jars is done in a row, once the peppers and then curd and so row until the janz is full. In the end throw a little milk, close the lid and put it in the fridge. Fermentation of peppers lasts 10 days.

This recipe requires the use of sombora variety peppers. They are yellow and have the form of cones. The peppers are a little chili, which best fills the curd.

After opening, cottage cheese can stay up to two months in the refrigerator.

Recipe of cottage cheese fits naturally according to your preferences. Instead of milk can be used sour.

In other cases, peppers are filled with little salt to prevent excess fluids.

Curd peppers are a very pleasant garnish that fills meat cooking, but can also be consumed separately during the winter evenings being accompanied by toasted bread, corn or wheat and tomatoes.

Cottage cheese lovers consume them even in the morning accompanying a glass of warm mountain tea. /