Mesnik or Zagorian Lakrori

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Mesnik or Zagorian Lakrori

Mesnik or otherwise known as Zagoria's cabbage is one of the most special cooking of traditional Albanian cuisine, mainly the country's tradition of the country.

Prepared by Women's Mastery Zagorite (one of the most famous villages of Gjirokastra) This tasty lakror is an old recipe, with fantastic taste and entirely involves when serving warm, newly baked.

The tradition loves this lakror to bake in SAF, but without a doubt in the oven, and his aroma fill the whole house with the desire to enjoy it.

Once, this cabbor was among the main cooking was preparing and was raised in Albanian weddings, especially in southern areas but also in lunch and family dinner, or holidays such as New Year's Dinner. was following the old recipe prepared by women Zagorite, a prescription that today fills all the Albanian Sofra.

Preparing Mesnik at home

(Ingredients below are for 4-5 persons)

4-5 Thela beef (cut into small pieces)
1 cup of coffee with olive oil
2 average onion grains
2 tablespoons of butter
3 cups of water flour
2 egg grains


The flesh is expected in small pieces and courset with thin grinded onions.

It is cast salt, black pepper, mint and water as to be covered.

It is left to depart until it is ready.

Meat should be prepared with liquid (with it will sprinkle foil)

Prepare dough as for pie and leave some time to rest.

Open foil, of which 3-4 pieces are removed aside.

Others mature on the stove plate or crumble.

In a casserole painted with olive oil, immature foil is placed and sprinkled with butter.

On them, baked and crumbling and meat said.

Lagged with meat juice, sprinkled with butter and ripen in the oven.

Meat particles are decided to separate uniformly.

Then the cabbage is inserted into the oven and ripens with 200 degrees.

It is fantastic with Albanian genres, especially pickles, but also fresh seasonal salads etc./