Meats with vegetables

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Meats with vegetables

The preparation of a home-made recipe is one of the earliest Albanian traditions.
Albanian cuisine is fantastic in the variety of her cooking.

Salty or sweet, every traditional Albanian recipe has its magic in terms of taste, and of course and health values.

Once, the households cooked this fantastic recipe in special occasions of holiday or dinner lunch with friends to hospitage enjoyed as much as their taste.

Of course, the most popular way of preparing them are meaty, but the fantasy of households in the kitchen has no limits.

So, another fantastic, delicious, and all healthy prescription are the homes with vegetables.

Below suggests a recipe, which is fully prepared at home.

Much of the house in your kitchen

4 potato grains
2 carrots
3 pumpkin
4 egg grains
100gr Cheese Cilinzall
Parsley and mint
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
A cup of crumbs (tiny and grain in heavy)
Some sprocket flower branches (if you prefer broccoli branches)
Some garlic thelpers
An onion cock
Prepare completely easily guides you to clean all the vegetables, pick it into small cubes and placed in a vibrant container.

Leave it for half an hour.

Grin parsley, mint, garlic and sewing very thin.

Half an hour then pull the vegetables from the fervor water and when they are invited to grinding it all.

Once you have minced, make sure that through a kitchen paper to dry all the juices of grain vegetables.

Following, all the vegetables of grain and dried from the juices, onions, garlic and erases of grain, along with salt and bread crumbs throw in a bowl or large container.

Beat the eggs and we throw it to the mass of vegetables and other ingredients.

In the end, we add to the cheese of minced, salt and pepper and mix well until a compact mass is made.

Dough formed and share small toddlers and prepare for the rash.

At this time warming the stove furnace as we put a frying pan in the fire and throw five tablespoons of olive oil.

When olive oil is heated we start rashes from both sides.

Careful! The rash should not be strong after the final baking can be done in the oven. According to preference, we can wash them from all sides with a little flour before we throw in the frying pan.

After we fried it all, we remove them from the Tigan and put them in a casserole. We put it in the hot furnace and bake around 15 minutes.

The homes are serve warm and are accompanying scissors of different soups. /