Learn about some of the health benefits to your body when you fast

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Learn about some of the health benefits to your body when you fast

Fasting means voluntarily giving up the consumption of some or all of the caloric foods or drinks, for therapeutic, spiritual or political reasons. First, fasting is as old as history itself, researchers say. In prehistoric times, our ancestors ate when there was food and fasted when there was no food. It was an efficient way of survival.

Fasting is today part of various religious celebrations, ranging from the Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Orthodox religions. Believers of these religions fast for a total of 180-200 days each year. In medicine, fasting is also part of the preparation for surgery. If you are undergoing surgery or any procedure involving anesthesia, you will be required to fast to avoid nausea and to make sure that no food or fluid enters the lungs. Each form of fasting has its own list of benefits and risks that should be carefully considered based on your main health status and goals.

Fasting can promote fat burning
When you fast, your body consumes the glucose stored in the liver for energy and that is when you start burning fat. This is called ketosis and can lead to weight loss.

Can provide mental clarity
One study showed that fasting can improve verbal memory in adults. This study is still ongoing to better understand how this thing worked.

Affects blood quality
Fasting can help improve cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar or glucose levels, insulin sensitivity and other health problems.

Those who fast regularly can live longer
In two different studies, where volunteers had heart problems, it was found that after several years of fasting, they had a reduced risk of mortality, compared to those patients who did not fast. The study was observational, so it does not prove cause and effect. But fasting can be a sign of a healthy lifestyle.

What you eat before and after fasting is very important
Researchers suggest eating healthy foods before fasting, including fruits, vegetables and protein. When you have finished fasting, gradually restore the foods so as not to overdo it.

The structure of fasting can be beneficial
For some people struggling with their weight, the structure of fasting can help them achieve their goal. So if you can only eat from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., this might be a valuable facility for you.

Fasting is not for everyone
The list of people who should not fast includes people under the age of 25, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with diabetes who are taking medication, individuals with an eating disorder, and those who do heavy work./ Abetare.net