Kose Casserole, Elbasani

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Kose Casserole, Elbasani


500 grins of lamb or dashi
2 tablespoons of butter
2 egg cocks
3 cups of water yogurt
2 tablespoons of flour
1 tablespoon of rice


1. Elbasan's Tava prepares with lamb or dashi.
2. If you are with lamb, it is directly baked, while with dashi flesh.
3. We are waiting for it, we put it in the gauze we throw the butter up and insert into the furnace or in the current tave.
4. Here is a little bit of water to dry out, after the pizza is removed from the oven.
5. In cooker with a little flour courset until it turns (at a gold mare), but not to blush; It is added to the mature water fluid, mixed and boil until a thick sauce is created, is removed from the fire, and then added to yogurt, egg, salt, and we do a good mixture, a little half-boiled rice is thrown into tave. , Sources of Meat, above, is thrown, a bit of butterfly and baking in the furnace.
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7. If it is a flesh, he must first be 10-15 min before the finish of meat, a little rice is thrown.
8. In the pot, eggs are beaten, flour, yogurt, gravy, butter and salt marshes; The pieces of meat are placed in the tave together with the rice, on tossing the prepared mass and fresh butter and bake in the furnace until the surface is created a red membrane.


Originally boil the flesh in salt water until it is fully and soft. When they have boiled, and save his juice.

Put it on a bug (better yet if it is clay) and drop some pieces of butter. Bake until the surface is well blushed in the oven earlier in 200 °.

Meanwhile in his juice cast the rice and put it to zie for 10 minutes. I beat eggs, joining, add salt and black pepper and when rice is ready to add it with the meat fluid.

Total about 2-3 garuzhde. Add and the rest of the butter left and all suspended jump above the meat.

Put back to the Furrer for Reth 30 minutes. Serve to warm after the cavity of yogurt to be clot.

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