Jahni with chicken

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Jahni with chicken
This typical Albanian dish, inherited with mastery generation, brings taste and health at family tables.

Undoubtedly, Yahnia Albanian is among the most delicious dishes, which households care for them always in their families.

It was once the first dish with which mothers and grandmothers welcomed friends at tables full of lunches or dinners.

This typical Albanian dish, inherited with mastery generation, brings taste and health at family tables.

Cooked in slow fire according to tradition, it fills all the kitchen with its fantastic flared aroma from the leaves of the daffodil, the characteristic spices of this delicious dish.

Agroweb.org brings down the special Jahni recipe that, of course, should not lack the menu of any Albanian table.

Complete in taste, traditional and above healthy, Yahnia Albanian is fantastic with homeless homemade bread and pickles, potatoes, pilaf and vegetable of the oven.

Jahnia delicious quickly and easily in your kitchen.

1 chicken fresh 1 kg or 4-5 chicken thighs
3 median onions of thin grapes
4 tablespoons of olive oil
2 Dafine leaves (dried or wet)
2 Tomatoes of Grira
2 tablespoons tomato sauce (according to preferences)
300 ml of water

Care in preparing meat
With the help of a kitchen paper, agroweb.org guides you to dry all the chicken meat juices.

Subsequently, place a wide-ranging pot on fire and throw olive oil.

We leave it a bit and throw the flesh by kaurching until strong blushes.

Kaurdimin's flesh around 10 minutes until it is well blush from all sides.

Then we add to the pot onions.

I break the volume until the volume is reduced and take a golden yellow color, then we add the tomatoes.

I augment until the volume of tomatoes fall.

We add tomato sauce, salt, a spoonful of vinegar, pepper and daffine leaves. Kaurdisini and add water.

When the measure goes boil, lower the fire, leaving the knee to cook in slow heat.

Tennxheren Cover it with the lid and leave it to the cup of born, until the chicken is soft.

If you want Jahnia to be even more liquid you can add some other water, it depends on your preference.

This plate of warm servings and to add even more taste can also jump some vinegar points above.