How to Prepare Elbasan Balloons

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How to Prepare Elbasan Balloons
(This recipe has come to "Health +" by Elbasan Amvises)

Balloccum are traditional summer day cakes and where more than in Elbasan cooks better and with a lot of taste
writes In fact, the tradition will be able to be beaten in coprri containers under Elbasan's housekeeper, which casts the right amount of products, while for the battering process of the dough is the family man who uses his power to emerge. Good.


1 kg of sugar (not grind)
1 kg of corn flour
450 grittyn (butter) - Preferred to the goat
7 egg grains
½ egg peel filled with (from the ashes of fire with beech wood)
(Ingredients can multiply proportionally as desired)


1. Sugar is inserted into the pawned copper vessel and after it immediately plays the newly melted in the fire, but with a lukewarm, so not hot.

2. Starting mixing this mass with no interruptions around 30 minutes until the mass of sugar and ilyn in the copper container take the form of cream writes The duration of the mixture has to do with the best digestion of sugar and ilyni by rubbing on the walls of the copper container. This is important and especially of this delicate sweetener in cooking.

3. Introduces the first egg, without interrupting mixing of wood, until it disappears to this measure
writes (It is advisable that eggs initially break and put into a plate, to avoid any spoiled eggs).

4. After 1 minute, the second egg is inserted, without interrupting mixing of wood, until it disappears as the first egg.

5. After 1 minute, the third egg is entered, without interrupting mixing of wood, until it also disappears as the first two.

6. After the introduction of the first three eggs is inserted to the extent that ½ egg peel with previously prepared fineness, without interrupting mixing of wood.

7. Continue mixing of woods around 5 minutes.

8. After that, the introduction of maize flour by hand (spreading flour across the surface of the container and not in the ball form), without interrupting the mixing of wood.

9. It follows the introduction of corn flour by hand, with intervals every 4-5 minutes in order to digest uniform flour and not create flour balls within the cream mass, without interrupting the mixing of wood. From corn flour is removed a hand and is replaced with wheat flour. This procedure continues until flour is finished.

10. With the amount obtained, 9-11 balcony grains can be made (according to the size of the grain size).

11. It is handled by this dough and without compressing in the hands, it is easily given the right form and placed in the tpsin to be sent to the oven, which should be easily directed with corn flour and nothing else.

12. It is advisable before they are sent to the mature oven, a little dough is taken in hand and becomes a small grain as a handful and ripens in an electric stove with 140-150ºC for 15-20 minutes. If this grain opens and is awarded shows that the measure requires a little flour
writes By contrast, if the grain stays regular is indicative that the move is ready to become grains and go to the oven.

Enjoy your meal!