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The prescriptions of this delicious cake is carefully inherited and love generation after generation for decdolds.

Cream, full and fascinating taste with its sweet finesse and softness. Hall with honey and nuts is among the oldest Albanian prescriptions. Carefully inherited and love generation after generation for decdolds.

All easy to prepare and fantastic to enjoy-this is the sweet texture that awakens the sensation of love in the stomach and involves its delicacy.

According to the traditions, Halla with honey nuts was Ali Pasha Tepelena's favorite cakes. The yard's cuisiners were ordered to cook everyday famous dessert, so much desired by Pasha.

We recall here that, the tradition of Albanian cooking was extremely influenced by Turkish cuisine, from which the recipe for the preparation of the Hall was borrowed.

Today, this recipe is an added value that has joined the tradition of Albanian cuisine. The very favorite and desired by all Albanians.

Follow the prescription from primer.net to enjoy this fantastic and easy to prepare dessert.

How to prepare it all easy home

120 grill flour
70 gr butter
150 gr sugar
250 ml of water nuts crushed
Two tablespoons of honey


In a container we throw the water that we have previously vacuated with the sugar.

We mix the measure until sugar completely melt.

In a pot, mide the butter with low fire.

Once the butter has melted we throw the flour, whom we mix without stopping and quickly so that we avoid the formation of grain.

When the mass takes a color in the brown, we add two tablespoons of honey and then slowly adding the syrup and crumbly nuts.

Throughout this time we follow the mixture until the mass absorbing all water.

After absorbing water, Hall is ready.

We remove fire and leave with a lid closed for 15 minutes.

Subsequently, we can use two tablespoons in delivering a characteristic form of a Hall, but also other forms. On the surface we sprinkle with cinnamon and put it from a calf nut.

This fantastic dessert can be served at ambient or cold temperature. For a more special taste, water can be replaced with milk.

The whole process of preparing this cake requires patience and dedication. /abetare.net