Homemade marmalade with figs

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Homemade marmalade with figs
Fig jam is easy to prepare and is fantastic to eat in any season.

All types of Albanian jam and marmalades are fantastic, delicious and full of sweetness, but there is no taste of fig jam and marmalade! It is impossible to miss in the kitchen of Albanian housewives, who prepare it every year full of delicacy while using it in various recipes in the preparation of cakes. Fig vase jars are also the most beloved sweets, which grandmothers prepare especially to give to their loved ones.

Figs are very tasty, sweet, full of pulp and rich in health values ​​of the best. They are fruits with a special sweetness that complement the taste of any other salty, spicy or sweet food. When ripe, figs can be considered the most juicy fruit in the world, with a dessert almost like that of honey. When cooked, they are transformed into a marmalade with an intense sweetness, by those that make you lick your fingers. The fig jam recipe that you will learn in this abetare.net article is quite easy to prepare at home while having a superior taste advantage.

Prepare fig marmalade at home

Figs should be cut into very small pieces before being thrown into a large pot. To it you need to add sugar, the juice of one lemon. abetare.net instructs you to put the pot on the fire at a low temperature and let it simmer for 46 minutes or longer until the figs are completely softened.

The pot should be covered with a lid. The whole mass should be mixed regularly so that the sugar melts evenly and does not stick to the bottom of the pot. Figs should be cooked at low temperature until they acquire the characteristic almost gelatinous appearance.

Remove the pot from the heat. Take a fork to mix and crush grains that have not been digested. This way you will get a sweet and even mass. Try the sweet liquid if it has managed to bind. If the marmalade has not yet set, simmer for another 5 minutes to remove the water content. Try again until the whole mass is uniform and very slightly liquid. The marmalade should be immediately poured into hot and sterilized glass jars. Jars should be allowed to cool naturally.

1 kg roasted figs; 500 grams of white sugar; the juice of a lemon