Complete with chicken

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Complete with chicken
Completed with chicken is one of the most delicious, authentic Albanian cuisine cuisine was warm to the chicken the most fantastic taste of the Albanian tradition.

Complete with chicken is one of the most delicious, authentic Albanian cuisine cooking.

An old tradition, where for decades he continues to prevail in Albanian families in family and family joy. suggests below the traditional recipe cooked by Albanian amvises, it was to be chicken.

The preparation of the chicken was

First, we put the chicken to mourning in a pot of water and salt. When chicken meat is ready, we keep it aside as it will be used for the preparation of the included.

Meanwhile we start preparing the cake, for which 1 kg of flour will need, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, two eggs, salt and lukewarm water.

We start preparing the dough by throwing the flour to a bully. We make a pit between and throw, salt, soda and eggs.


The dough work by hand until the mass will become compact but not very rigid.

Through the cooking brush, you paint a little oil and lay the dough.

We put it in the oven and bake until the surface get a golden color in reddish.

Then we get out of the oven and support it with a kitchen napkin, put it on a plate and leave it to drain.


For the preparation of the included base is the crushed Kulachi and the chicken fluid.

It will also need 4-5 onions, butter or olive oil, salt and mint.

In a pot add olive oil and little butter, we add the thin inions. Disadvantage until their volume falls.

The cake we have previously crushed in small pieces we add in the frying pan where we have onions and slightly disadvantages.

Subsequently, advises you from a little to discard the chicken fluid until the surface of the cake is covered. Add spices and salt. Complete cover with the lid until the fluid has evaporated and joined with the cake.

They were to serve warm, accompanied by a piece of chicken and chicken.