Cheese with noodles and sorbets

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Cheese with noodles and sorbets

Dairy with Noodles and Sherbets is a wonderful dessert, the taste of which is indescribable when prepared by the handicrafts of Albanian housewives.

Fantastic to consume at any time, especially after a full lunch or even dinner.

Ideal to be served on holidays and family joys, the noodle with sorbet is definitely at the top of the delicious list of Albanian dishes. suggests below the traditional recipe of preparing this unique dessert quite easily at home.

Preparing Dairy with Noodles at Home


(Ingredients below are for 4-5 people)
For the Cream
2 eggs
5 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons flour
2 cups tea with milk
A little vanilla
For Noodles
2 teaspoons flour
5-6 tablespoons of fresh butter
For the Syrup
2 cups water with sugar
1 and a half glass of water


Zihet dough. It is divided into equal parts made in the shape of a ball, from which noodles are prepared. (these are opened by hand on the table or with noodles)

Once opened, the noodles are left to dry slightly, then cut to a size slightly larger than the size of the pan.

Coat the pan with butter, spread half of the amount of noodles, sprinkling with butter.

Pour the cream over it, flatten it and spread the other noodles sprinkled with butter on it.

Excess sides of the noodles that remain outside the pan are wrapped inside.

Coat the surface with butter and bake.

After baking it is cooled and cut into pieces.

At the end, warm and thick baklava syrup is added.

Optionally, when serving, you can add some thin slices of almonds on top.

Prepare the cream

In a saucepan toss the eggs, sugar, a little milk and beat well adding the sifted flour.

Then add the hot milk, stirring constantly, and put it on the fire to boil, without interrupting the stirring.

Remove from the heat, add vanilla diluted in milk and pour into another bowl to cool./