Casserole earth

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Casserole earth

The soil is one of the most special cooking from the tradition of Middle Albania.

From the oldest cuisine of ground homes, cooked in the fire of the chimney to date in the most prestigious restaurants, the earth's Tava continues to preserve the tradition of good Albanian taste.

True, a tradition of Middle Albania, the earth's tava today is one of the most singulars of Albanian cuisine as a whole. Very favorite from Albanians, stunning for foreign tourists.

Cooked by tradition and workmanship of the hands of Albanian households.

This fantastic dish serves not only as a fantastic and tasty meal, but also as a special dish to satisfy the taste of guests in the holiday and wedding cases.

With simple ingredients, but combined fantastic and enriched with spices, this dish cooked in typical clay tat comes with a tremendous taste that fully satisfies the taste, organism and mind too. suggests the typical inherited prescription generation after generation in preparing the ceiling of soil easily at home.

Preparing the roof of soil at home

500 graff beef (or beef liver according to preference)
300 grins village
1-2 grains of dry onion
3 red tomatoes, well done
8 Garlic Thelpin
Two tablespoons of vinegar (according to preference)
Olive oil

Preparing the dish in the clay tat

Break the thin onions and throw them into a pot and disadvantage a few minutes in the fire with a little olive oil.

When the volume of onions go to fall, and the onions receive a yellow color in gold, we add to the flesh to the cube and continue to disaster for a few minutes.

Then we add the vinegar and follow the flour until the flesh is completely absorbed.

At this moment we add to the tomatoes of grinding, we add salt, pepper, chili and garlic.

I disadvantage all together, we throw the gull and a glass of water and put them into the fire until tomato thoroughly melt.

We remove the fire and start filling the cavipe.

We put the Tasat in the arranged furnace and let them rip for a maximum of 25 minutes.

The soil of the warm serving, just out of the oven.

Is fantastically accompanied by different fresh or baked vegetable salads ../