Albanian fried food of cheese or curds

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Albanian fried food of cheese or curds

In there is an Albanian dish to open appetite and Nepsin to enjoy it, it is frost, an early tradition of Albanian cuisine.

The tradition of secondary Albania mainly, but masterfully cooked by households in all Albanian lands, fringes remains one of the most delicious prescriptions of traditional Albanian cuisine.

Fantastic to accompany lunches or dinners, on holiday days, family joys, or even ordinary days, frost adds to every cooking especially to Albanian traditional ones.

This recipe can be excellently combined with hardened bread, soups and different pie, seasonal salads etc

Primer.Net suggests below the recipe of preparing Albanian frost easily at home.

Preparing traditional frost

(Ingredients below for 4-5 persons)


4-5 tomato grains
4-5 green or red peppers
4 Garlic Thelpin
Olive oil
3 egg grains
6 tablespoons of curd

We clean with running water tomatoes and peppers.

Peppers wait in thin or striped bracelets.

We put a great saucepan on fire. Then guides you to add to olive oil and peppers. Add gray or printed garlic and leave together to blush for a bit by caedison.

Tomatoes are grated in heavy to make them as puree or move them to a mixer.

Puren of tomatoes add to the Tigan where we have peppers.

We throw salt and leaves it until sauce is made thick and olive oil to come to the surface.

At this moment, the frost and lifting from the fire, we add to the gudge of disadvantages.

Then we add three beaten eggs, we mix well, add chili pepper and slim parsley.

All the extent, as we have mixed well and put it in a clay casserole and put it in the detested oven for 10 minutes by causing it several times.

Or in the absence of a mud roof after discarding the gullet to the fire again leaving it for 3-4 minutes by kaurdisur./